Corvette Recycling Affiliate Program

We have noticed lately that we are receiving many referrals all over the internet from satisfied customers and people trying to help others find the use corvette parts they are looking for. We have decided that we should be giving something back to those who are sending business our way. Though our affiliate program you will be rewarded with 1.5% of every purchase you refer to us in the form of a credit towards your purchases here.
How it works:
When you sign up for the affiliate program you will be issued your own identification number. When you direct someone you see on one of the forums looking for a part you will copy the link from our web site and add your identification number to the end of the URL, when that person follows the link to the product you have referred them to and then purchases that (and any other items they may purchase) item. You will be credited 1.5% of their purchase price.
Credit will be added to your account in increments of $25.00 as gift certificates.
It doesn't necessarily need to be a specific item ether. If you see someone looking for used corvette parts and tell them to check us out all you need to do is send them the link to followed by your id number. You may also ad links to your own web site in the same fashion and you will still be credited with 1.5% of any sale generated from that link.
The following table shows how to create your links if your id number were 456
Advertising Campaign "Direct Link" Examples
Page Example
Home Page
Shopping Cart
Basically if you want to link to anything other than the home page you would copy the url from your browser and add &Click=Your ID number
You will get credit for anyone who purchases something within 30 days of clicking on your link.
Thank you for taking your time to send business our way and help others find what they are looking for
Notice: The next screen will ask you for a SSN or EIN please just enter 0000 in the box...we have no use for that kind of information.