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Thank you for considering Corvette Recycling Parts & Accessories for those special Corvette Items and Parts.

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Greetings from Corvette Recycling!

We are pleased that you have an interest in our company. Let me give you a quick introduction to our family-run business. My name is Doug Asay and I have been involved with Corvettes for over 30 years. Before starting Corvette Recycling I wandered the internet (and prior to that salvage yards) looking for good quality used parts for rebuilding my own Corvettes. What I found was disappointing; dirty parts, broken parts, wrong series parts were shipped, etc. If your experiences are similar, I am not surprised.

Before I started Corvette Recycling, I tried to determine exactly what was wrong with the Corvette parts business. It eventually struck me that the problem was that almost anybody was willing to sell you a car part, but nobody seemed to understand that a Corvette is not just any car. What this industry lacks is a Corvette parts dealer who loves Corvette parts like you love your Corvette.

Passion for America's greatest sports car is what makes Corvette Recycling different! When dealing with us you will immediately recognize this difference. Our staff share the passion, this is what we do during the day and what we talk about at the dinner table. Upon arrival you will find all of your parts clean, packed carefully and ready to bolt on. If something does go wrong, be assured that our Return Policy is customer satisfaction driven.

We do have special pricing for insurance companies and body shops, and you will find that we diligently meet all GM product standards so that our customers are completely satisfied when parts are replaced.

Thanks for considering Corvette Recycling. We are determined to grow our business through repeat customers who are willing to tell their friends about us. We know Corvette owners, we are Corvette owners, we understand the love affair.